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Specific purposes

Spanish for Specific Purposes

The Languages Center at University of Manizales has developed an innovative and specialized Spanish program to learn Spanish applied to specific academic areas such as business, medicine, law and social sciences and humanities. We are aware that the specialized language used in these fields requires adjustment to the needs of each specialist.

Program outcomes

Once you complete the Spanish for specific purposes program, you will strengthen your Spanish skills adapted to specific purposes that serve as a tool to become an efficient multicultural speaker with special skills for working or studying in Spanish speaking settings. All this is achieved by:

    • Personalized attention for each student and the adaptation of the course to each group.
    • Real participation of the students in real life activities, accompanied by a professional from the area.
    • Approaching the reality of the professional world within a Spanish-speaking environment

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Who is this program for? 

The courses are intended for professionals from different areas, as well as graduate and post-graduate students of each subject matter or related subjects.