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Everyday Spanish Program

Everyday Spanish Program

Have you wondered how much you can do in a month? In this 60-hour program, you鈥檒l study Spanish every day for four weeks, and the rest of the day you will explore the city and enjoy with our Cultural Ambassadors as your guides! These team organizes various activities in addition to regular classes, including workshops, games, city tours and culture local experiences. You鈥檒l meet new friends and share moments in which you might not notice how much Spanish you鈥檝e been practicing.

Program outcomes

Once you complete the Everyday Spanish program, you will improve your Spanish skills to communicate your basic needs in Spanish speaking countries. All this is achieved by: 

    • Personalized attention for each student and the adaptation of the course to each group.
    • Real participation of the students in real life activities, accompanied by a native teacher and cultural ambassadors.

Who is this program for?

The Everyday Spanish program is perfect for anyone who wants to develop basic communicative Spanish skills through a program with a strong cultural experience by attending language classes on-campus at University of Manizales and sharing with our Colombian cultural ambassadors.