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The SAGE Handbook of School Organization

T铆tulo : The Sage Handbook of School Organization

Autores: Connolly, Michael

Lugar de Publicaci贸n y editorial: London : SAGE Publications

Fecha de publicaci贸n: 2019

ISBN/ISSN/DL: 978-1-5264-2066-4

Palabras clave: Educaci贸n superior - Adminsitraci贸n Responsabilidad social de la universidad Administraci贸n de la educaci贸n Administraci贸n escolar Calidad de la educaci贸n Planificaci贸n de la educaci贸n.

Resumen: The SAGE Handbook of School Organization provides a substantial review of the history, current status and future prospects of the field of school organization. Bringing together chapters exploring key issues, important debates and points of tension, the Handbook highlights school and system organisational structure, processes and dynamics coupled with insights into important theoretical foundations from diverse perspectives. This volume is designed to provide a much-needed, critically informed and coherent account of the field, against a backdrop of increasing complexity in which schooling as an institution and schools as organisations operate.

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