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Where to stay

Welcome to the University of Manizales Homestay Program! We bring international students and Colombian families together to share their cultures with each other. Homestay is a wonderful experience that you will never forget.

We provide Homestay for:

    • Students enrolled in Spanish programs all year round.
    • International students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Manizales.
    • visiting professors and researchers affiliated with the University of Manizales.

What is Homestay?

UManizales Homestay provides an opportunity for you to live with a local family while enrolled in classes at the University of Manizales. Homestay families will welcome you into their home and provide you with a safe, comfortable and friendly place to live within easy traveling distance of the university. You will share meals with your host family, participate in their day-to-day activities and become part of their home.聽

The benefits of Homestay

    • gives you an opportunity to use your Spanish language skills in an informal setting
    • places you with a family that will provide all your meals.
    • ensures that you will live within a short distance from the university.
    • provides you with a Homestay placement for your program dates.

Why participate in Homestay?

    • Homestay students improve their Spanish skills quicker than students who live alone
    • you will have the chance to participate in daily Colombian life
    • your host family will help you learn about Manizales
    • your host family will provide all your food and cook three meals for you every day
    • your host family will provide a safe, respectful and supportive living environment

What are my responsibilities as a homestay student?

    • follow the Homestay Guidelines for students set by each host family
    • pay your hosts on the first day of your arrival
    • keep your bedroom clean and tidy
    • clean up after yourself, especially in bathrooms, the kitchen, and common areas
    • bring your dirty dishes to the kitchen after you are finished eating or drinking
    • keep your emergency contact card with you at all times
    • be respectful and polite with all members of your host family

聽Is Homestay available for my program?

Homestay is available for all Spanish programs all year round.

See the Fees and dates page for the list of programs and accommodation options. Homestay placements are for the duration of the program dates.

聽What can I expect from my host family?

Your host family will:

    • follow the UManizales Homestay Guidelines for hosts
    • speak Spanish at all times
    • provide you with a safe, comfortable and friendly home
    • provide you with a private, furnished bedroom
    • provide you with food for all meals聽
    • provide you with Wi-Fi/Internet access in the home

聽How much does Homestay cost?

    • Spanish programs:聽
Duration Program dates Tuition
Spanish On-Campus Program + Homestay*+ CCL Tourism
8 weeks

Intake 1 2022: July 11th- September 6th

Intake 2 2022: October 18 -December 15

Everyday Spanish Program + Homestay*+ CCL Tourism
4 weeks

Intake monthly starting on: July 11th, August 22nd, October 3rd


聽How do I register for Homestay?

Complete and sign the Homestay Application, and then submit it to聽idiomas@umanizales.edu.co

After we receive your application, we will match you with a Colombian host family. You will receive detailed information by email before your program begins, and we will pick you up on your arrival date.