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The art of engagement : bridging the gap between people and possibilities

The art of engagement聽: bridging the gap between people and possibilities

Autores: Haudan, Jim, Autor

Lugar de Publicaci贸n y editorial: New York [USA] : McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN/ISSN/DL: 978-0-07-154485-6

Palabras clave: Planificaci贸n estrat茅gica Administraci贸n de personal Gerencia de personal Strategic planning Organizational effectiveness Engagement.

Clasificaci贸n: Gerencia de personal

Resumen: Align your people and your strategy for ultimate business success. Most new business strategies fail to attain their goals. Why? Because organizations overlook the most important element in executing their strategy: People. Employee engagement expert, Jim Haudan, has helped hundreds of major companies succeed where others fail by bridging the canyons that divide executives, managers, and front-line employees. Now he shares his proven methods with you. A best-selling book, The Art of Engagement helps you communicate, empower, and motivate employees at every level of your organization -- and ensure they're all working toward the same strategic goals. This groundbreaking book includes: Using visual-learning for communicating more effectively with your workforce. Proven methods for successfully engaging employees across the whole organization. A framework for implementing the process of strategically engaging employees. Self-assessment for checking your own company's level of strategic engagement. An approach to changing culture by changing the conversations of leaders Haudan provides stories and visuals that clearly illustrate the concept of employee engagement -- from the "Roots of Engagement", to the six reasons why workers are disengaged, to the keys to unlocking engagement in any organization. Case studies of Harley-Davidson, Pepsi Cola, and other successful companies reveal how his methods work in real-life situations. The Art of Engagement arms you with the knowledge, insight, and tools you need to drive effective strategic execution through powerful employee engagement"-- Provided by publisher.


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